The Fall of Merrihollow


It must of been three days or so since those adventures you hired passed through town, your lordship. From what I had heard, they ventured into the nearby Thicket and fought some wolves after investigating the Johnson’s farm. Anyways, the morning they left I noticed that the Thicket seemed to be growing closer to the town, and as per your instructions began to pack the valuables in the tavern and ceased deliveries. Each day the Thicket grew closer and the people of the town became more lethargic; Johnson’s wife became bedridden, Johnson himself could barely be persuaded to leave the house, and an air of exhaustion swept over the town.

It was the third night things went bad sir. I had packed everything else from the tavern and began to travel to meet you in Wheatkeep when I saw them descend on the town. It started slowly, a hush went through the air as all sound ceased, birds no longer chirped, insects stopped their droning, and it seemed the world held its breath. A green tint was cast over the sky and fog rolled out from the Thicket. Then Wolves and dark birds sir, they came charging out of the thicket in droves and most of the townsfolk didn’t stand a chance. As the birds swarmed fleeing villagers and the wolves gouged those that had fallen, I saw something curious and used a spyglass to confirm it.

There was one wolf significantly larger than the others sir, and upon inspection it had emerald eyes. The emerald-eyed wolf didn’t participate in the slaughter, it seemed to saunter through the houses and town taking in the sights and enjoying them. As they died, the wolf seemed to grow larger and the ground shook as tendrils burst from the ground destroying households and… regrettably your establishment my lord.

Though it seemed that events could not become worse, a second wave of attackers came from the Thicket. A drake and lion made of stone emerged from the Thicket, both flanking a giant of a man. He had to be at least 8 feet tall my lord! He was covered in what looked like plate armor and wielded a two-handed sword with ease, as though it were a dagger! He let out a great roar as he and his stone abominations charged at the town and the emerald-eyed wolf responded with a long howl as the forces enclosed and ravaged the town.

I dared not stay any longer sir, and I fled with great haste. As I left, I looked back only once, and saw the town in flames…

The Fall of Merrihollow

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