Lord Gravis

A Pleasant young man.


The Owner of the Drunken Arrow chain and is in search of the Glass of Nataero. Gravis always maintains a professional front regardless of his true emotions; though his employees’ terror at the mention of his name is indicative that this facade slips from time to time. Gravis has employed the party to search for the Glass, and is paying them quite handsomely to do so.

Interesting Note: Despite his employees’ fear/reverence of him and his immense wealth, the party learned that people who do not directly work for him have no idea who the man is. (This was revealed when the party attempted to see the mayor of Wheatkeep and Gravis’ name did not illicit any response from the guards). How such a wealthy man who has established his business in seemingly every town has accomplished this feat has yet to be learned.

Current Attitude Towards Party:
Talion: Annoyed
Rex: Neutral
Silhuin: Suspicious
Falaren: Good
Clay: Concerned


Lord Gravis

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