Keeper Zatheria

Leader of Freyden, considered paranoid by other town leaders


The keeper of Freyden, a position inherited from her father.

Ventured to the field of ash with the other four town leaders after the incident at Iesel’den.

Considered to be a powerful druid as she is able to weave gnarly ground around her town after the destruction of Merrihollow.

Epithet of “The Lightning Caller”

Wields a large silver staff that’s head is of two snakes, a large translucent and teal stone rests between the snakes’ jaws. Also wields a double headed wooden spear, one half of the spear is made of yew, the other of ash.

The party discovered that she can take the form of a large white husky and seals her tower with lightning rune traps when she is away from it.

The party learned she is fiercely protective of her town but has not discovered why she seems to care little for the other towns or the source of her begrudging respect of Father Ezrah, whom she referred to only as “Ezrah”.

Last Known Attitude Towards Party: Guarded/Reserved

Alignment: True Neutral

Identified goals: Protect Freyden at all costs
Kill the Mage of the Tower

Known Flaws: ???

Last Words to the Party: “The mage of that tower has unleashed this abomination, he must die, as must this thicket”.


Keeper Zatheria

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