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Welcome Players, to our little wiki, here we can keep track of the cool things that we learn while we play The Tower of Madness, as well as things that I (your DM) may forget. I think that all of us can edit it, if not just message me. I really think that using this website will make the game a lot easier to keep track of and a lot more fun to play. I am really looking forward to playing it!
-The Humble DM

The Players

  1. Caleb Olson as Clay Hyde
  2. Alex Decker as Tallion Geargrower
  3. Sarah Walters as Falaren
  4. Connor Morehead as Silhuin
  5. Daniel Greenfeld as Rex Bradley
  6. James Regan as Your Humble DM
  7. Dayton King as The Scary DM

Here is the character creation prompt

Character Making

Hey guys I thought that I would give you some of my favorite tools that I use to make my characters.

Character Portraits
I really like to use Heromachine to make a portrait for my char, it isn’t perfect, but it is fun to play with. I also like to give my character a real life image that I can keep in mind during play.
Here is a link to Heromachine 3 I know that it can be problematic on some browsers, so I also suggest looking at the other versions of Heromachine. Also, you can look up premade art and what not.

Name Generators
I like to use Name Generator websites when I am at a loss for a place or character name. I don’t always use the names generated, but rather I use them as inspiration for names that I can create myself. Here are some good sites:
Seventh Sanctum -this has all sorts of fun generators.
Fantasy Name Generator – this one is cool.
I also use look up name generators for certain era’s like medieval or renaissance.


The Drunken Bowmen

A local chain of Taverns that are spread across Waterdeep. They are famous for their…odd drinks, and the franchises’ shadowy owner. These Taverns are popular in the City of Splendor because, well, they are cheap.


The great plains of Iesel’dor (pronounced: EEsell-Door) is the main setting of our game. The plains of Iesel’dor are for the most part flat, and covered in long grass. 6 smallish towns make up population of Iesel’dor There isn’t much in the way of trees, except for these strange thickets. Of course more info can be found in the Iesel’dor wiki page.

The Journal Entries

These are the pages of the journals that you have found.

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