Rex Bradley

Human Fighter


I adventured young in life, small-time indeed. but it stopped nearly as quickly as it began. At 17 years old I found myself in the service of doing loan-shark shake-ups for the Waterdeep Thieves guild, when they needed a bit of intimidating muscle.

At 18 years old, I caught the eye of the Guild Master there, who, in his half-legitimate business endeavors was managing a theatre company.

He made me a star. Life under the faerie-light, as they say. And it was good. The best tables at restaurants. I had everything. Women. Horses. Er…You know what I mean. For the next three years I played Heroes, Kings, Thieves, you name it. But I liked the Heroes best.

But “the industry” can be unforgiving, and it’s corrupt enough in towns where the thieves guild isn’t even behind it. Soon, my powerful patron began requiring….“favors” for me to keep my success. I said no.

I build sets now. I’m 24 years old and already forgotten by most of the people here in Waterdeep. A few still recognize me, but it’s all gone now. I’d give almost anything to be a hero again.

Rex Bradley

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