An Elven Ranger


A long, long time ago, Falaren was a bright-eyed, eager young elf with a lust for adventure and confidence in her own abilities. Her parents trained her in the ways of the forest and survival, and she set off upon a quest, vowing to herself, and her god not to return home until she completed this quest.

Many, many years later, Falaren has still not returned home. Though she has gained wisdom and many skills during her travels, she has grown weary and grim, and has settled in the city of Waterdeep in order to gather information concerning her quest. There she works as a guide, and is known for being knowledgeable but slightly unreliable, for if something else catches her interest she’s likely to abandon her employers and pursue her own interests.

However, Falaren’s abode in Waterdeep is far from permanent, and she is always at the ready to resume her journey, for all she truly desires is to be able to return home…


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