There is a rumor, heard whispered in the taverns of Waterdeep, that a giant tower has been seen rolling across the plains of Iesel’dor. It is called the Moving Tower of Madness (drunks are a literal people if nothing else), and it rolls across the plains spouting fire from its porticoes and top. But, honestly, that just sounds like a bunch of country bumpkin nonsense….

Waterdeep, the City of Splendor, attracts all types merchants, thieves, those seeking opportunity, even wayward adventurers may find themselves in this city.
After traveling around the world, and even traversing the Undermountain of Waterdeep, many great adventurers settled down into the city life. But, some times, the call of a quest is strong, and great heroes pull themselves out of the mundane and into the extraordinary…

The Tower of Madness

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